We are indeed much more than what we eat, but what we eat can nevertheless help us to be much more than what we are.

An old stoned building of Enetic architectural built at the 16o century gave the spunk to create a very discreet well built restaurant in the center of the old town of Rethymno, just by the old Turkish bath and among the pedestrians paths.

Arabatzoglou, Epimenidou, and Rdamantheos Authentic hosts , the owners by restaurant staff will proudly induct you to their own special creation named “Castelo”. Let yourselves free to their knowledge and suggestions to conduct you to the world of the unique flavors and the gastronomical amenities.!

During the twenty four years that it runs the “Castelo” restaurant remains the first choice, with its tasty dishes that overcome the usual stuff. The magnificent environment the delicious flavours will encharme and capture you for ever!
” Castelo” cuisine includes Greek and medtterrainean tastes with emphasis on the flavourings and the delicious sauces. It also stands out for its creativity and excellent quality.

Only the purest fresh Cretan products are used for preparation of the appetizers…
Different kinds of specialties such as shrimps with aniseed, only alive lobster, fillet of pork with grape, cream cheese manouri and thyme, rosemary and pork tenderloin with grape, also beef fillet with bacon, served with fresh tomato sauce, preserved in olive oil with basil and garlic will offer you a special tasteful experience. It’s very known that the Castelo restaurant is among the best names in Rethymno…

Many desserts’ tastes such as the panacotta, jellies from fresh fruits, Sue served with ice cream, chocolate body and also various kinds of ice-creams will allure you to a sweet delirium. The wine cellar of the restaurant offers its customers one of the finest and brilliant wine selection, consisted of distilled and domestic white and red wine, as well as the cold “raki” wine perfectly accompagne the dishes served.

The enthralling Latin, opera music and carefully chosen Greek songs keep step with the fine preparation of the food. With no doubt all your senses shall stay satisfied! The perfect and quick service of the staff combined with the friendly environment fulfills all the expectations.

One time is enough to become a regular frequenter at the Castelo restaurant!

We are inviting you to taste our hospitality and fine gastronomy first hand

Rethymnon is the third largest town in Crete with about 25.000 inhabitants. A charming and traditional town and also the capital of the Rethymnon prefecture. The visitor gets impressed by the rare nature of the town.

The Venetian and turkish monuments, the old traditional houses and neighborhoods, everything makes clear the long history of Rethymnon. A modern town from many aspects that combines today facilities and the atmosphere of centuries ago. For start take a tour to Fortezza and the Venetian monuments. Visit the remarkable Byzantine churches of Agios Fragiskos, Maria Magdalini and Agia Varvara, the Mastaba area and the port and breath the air of another era, lost some centuries ago.

The nearby beaches are magnificent. The beach of Rethymnon and of Episkopi west of the town worth the visit. Finaly Rethymnon is well known for its nightlife. Taverns, live cretan music, bars, you choose…

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